Yesterday, the user Maxstealth bought the domain „sex.crypto“ for an amount of 230 ETH, being approximately $ 92,690 at this time.

The ‚.crypto‘ domain
For those who do not know, a web domain is equivalent to a physical address. Each website has a unique domain name and therefore the registration of domains is supervised by an organization called ICANN.

Basically, this organization is responsible for providing the user with information about which domains are available.

Therefore, taking this information into consideration, CoinTelegraph reported today that the domain „sex.crypto“ was sold for a sum of 230 ETH.

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An interesting fact is that this extension, „.crypto“, is generated by the Unstoppable Domains platform. Therefore, as the website explains, ‚.crypto‘ is an ERC 721 in the Ethereum Blockchain.

The question may arise: How is domain ownership stored? Well, basically what Unstoppable Domains offers is to own the domain as if it were a crypto-currency, that is, it is stored in your wallet and no third party can take it away from you.

Another relevant fact about the news is that, the user who acquires the domain ’sex.crypto‘, has already acquired a total of 198 ‚.crypto‘ domains.

Why accumulate domains?

Just as you accumulate crypto currencies betting on a revaluation, the same applies to domains. Acquiring a domain now, which may not be as popular, could offer you high profits in the future when there is a high demand for the domain you own.

In this sense, the Maxstealth user will probably be a faithful believer in the proposal of decentralized domains such as ‚.crypto‘ and, therefore, decides to invest in them.

Also, according to the information collected by CoinTelegraph, it seems that the user is an Ethereum whale, since the wallet that was used to pay for the domain received payments for amounts over 10,000 ETH.

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And why this domain?
As is well known, „sex sells“. So, investing in a domain that includes the word and that, in addition, is decentralized and uncensored, seems to be without a doubt a good investment.

In fact, if we use the „Domain Price Check“ website to check how much the domain ’‘ is currently worth, it gives us an estimated total of $12,608,660.

If Maxstealth were able to sell your newly acquired domain at a similar Immediate Edge price, you would certainly make a significant profit.

The adult entertainment industry has begun to notice crypto for what it offers: freedom and no censorship. In fact, the industry has sought to exploit the advantages of Blockchain technology and avoid the traditional system.

So a domain like that can probably be revalued in the future. But, without a doubt, today it is an important acquisition.